Professional Development Tips

LinkedIn and Learning

It’s been said, “when looking for employment it’s not what you know it’s who you know.” I believe this is true to a certain extent.  This has become a daunting task when in-person social communication has become difficult as the advancement of technology attempts to fix the issue through social media. LinkedIn helps with the notion of who you know through building a network of professionals. When it comes to the knowledge, I begin to disagree with the quote. I  believe that it is what you know as well because if you get into a position and do not know how to do the necessary task, it makes you and potential your reference look bad. LinkedIn has you covered by offering a chance to gain skills from LinkedIn Learning.

5 Tips for using LinkedIn

Keep it Professional

  • Even though LinkedIn is considered a social media platform, it’s not meant to be used in the same way. Share with your contacts things that affect your industry, common practices changing through new discoveries, etc.

Consistent with Your Resume

  • If your resume and LinkedIn does not have the same experience and information, it makes a person look untrustworthy. It becomes difficult to understand which one you are indeed. It might make a difference in whether you receive a callback or an interview based on the way you display yourself on paper and on social media.

Use to Maintain Relationships

  • It’s easy to make a connection with a person, but a link is different when you take the time to communicate and check on the people you make contact with. Many people only reach out to people when they need something without actually taking an interest in the other person and what they are doing in their lives. Social media makes it easy to connect with people, so take the chance and make an effort to stay connected.


  • LinkedIn is a portfolio of your professional career. As time goes on for some people, it’s difficult to remember all their skill sets, or if you just need a reminder of where you been, this platform helps with that. Also, you never know who is going to view your page and want to recruit you for a new position based on your experience or to help someone to get a little understanding of who you when interviewing for a position.

Stay Learning

  • LinkedIn Learning provides you access to professionals and offers you a chance to learn new skills in your area of interest. No matter what industry you are in your going to have to stay relevant and this site offers this chance in the business field.

So stay growing in your career, connected with other professionals, and keep learning to stay current as progression takes place.

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