Growing Me

Are you loving yourself or losing your identity?

This is one of those questions that you should respond to with a simple yes answer, but often times it is a little bit more complicated. Most people when you ask them do you love yourself, are going to say yes without a doubt, but there are going to be some people who are going to say no or unsure of their answer.  Either way, you look at the question, your answer to one part of the question will affect the response to the other part of the question positively or negatively.

For example, on this principle:

How can you say I am following my dreams and do not love yourself?

How can you say I love myself and only use half or a quarter of your potential?

We all have worth, but sometimes through living, we lose the love and appreciation for ourselves.  At times it just seems more comfortable to seek out validation from the people in our lives.  The problem is you begin to mold into an image that does not reflect the person God created you to be.  What happens when you’re not yourself and living out your purpose is you lose you, and you miss out on allowing yourself new opportunities to see and try different things.

Loving yourself takes time. It is not always about the physical appearances that make you beautiful. It’s the hidden treasures that you find and learn over time about yourself through living and trying different things that make a person one of a kind. The benefits of discovering you are worth more than you can ever imagine, so take the time to invest in the magnificent person you are!

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