Growing Me

Diamond in the rough; Watch out Progression taking Place!

Have you ever seen a diamond before you see it in the jewelry store?

If you have ever seen a real diamond. Then you have seen the rock at its most beautiful state with all its shine and glimmer, but when you look at this gem at this state, you have no idea of the process the gem undertook to look that way. A diamond that we see started off as a rock, and in the formation of the carbon atoms, there was a lot of pressure and heat. Then a series of tools used to remove the rough edges. Which is similar to our lives. We have seen people who are successful or living their lives a certain way that we admire but have no idea what the person had to go through to get to this state of their lives. We do not know the situations that they had to go through to get here, how many times they wanted to give up, how many nights they cried, or how hard they had to work on themselves. Or we have a version of ourselves that we want to be but feel like it is not obtainable. Either way, you identify with this example, it’s going to take time, persistence, and the willingness to try to get to the level you want to be, but at any point of the process, we cannot dismiss our progress along the way. It takes a diamond three million years to be created. It doesn’t have to take you the next day, a week, or a month from now to have everything perfect. You just have to start somewhere and keep working at it until you get to where you want to be. It is not about how fast you get something done but the quality of the end results.

When working on yourself, it is important to prepare for rough days that can come up. Just like there are tools used to cut and chip away parts of the developing diamond you need tools that will help to cut away the doubt and fear that could possibly hold you back from the better you, so consider letting positive affirmations, support groups/individuals, and the acceptance of things that you cannot change be your tools. After all the large rough parts are cut away, and the molding is taking place in the designing on the shape of the diamond let that be similar to you by washing and molding with encouragement and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. The most important thing is being able to encourage yourself through the shaping of you because during this time it is sometimes easier to psych yourself out with negative thoughts when not seeing rapid growth. When you have these thoughts, it is important to stop them in there track because the end goal is worth more than the current view. Then when you the diamond come into fruition don’t forget the skills learned through the pain because it helped you to get to your shine and glimmer.

No matter what you choose to do remember you are worth your time!

References to creation of diamonds.

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