Growing Me

Hope for a Better Day Jar

We all have difficult times, where negative thoughts seem to take over your life. During these times it is difficult to say something kind to yourself. Often it is hard to find someone to encourage you to help bring you back up. Hopefully, this do-it-yourself-encouragement activity will help on days like these.



  • Slips of paper
  • Mason jar or any jar or container
  • Some positive thoughts
  • Something to write with


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Then think of some positive words or statements to encourage you in difficult times and write it on the slips of paper.  You can write about things that you like about yourself, things that you are grateful for, scriptures, or anything positive that will help you.


Then place the slips of paper in the jar.


Finally, close the jar and preserve the positivity for a tough day.

The initial thought is to write something positive to put in the jar daily, but you can also write all your positive statements in one sitting. The choice is yours. The only thing that matters is that you have a better day after reading the slips of paper.


To try this strategy out and comment your thoughts on the results.  I am going to try the activity and post my results as well.

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