Growing Me

Self-DISCOVERY ever (5)

Why is self-discovery important? Because you bring something to the world that is needed, an individual voice, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Only you can find them.

Too often we conform to the thoughts and ideas of other people who do not actually know anything about us. Instead, they project their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on to individuals for their agendas. Making an individual have a false identity. One thing that has been on my heart is that self-discovery is required in this life. To not be taken advantage of by another person. Something that always bothers me is when people say I know you because they only know one fraction of a time with me. I personally feel like I do not know everything about me, so how can you. For me, it comes from the fact that I have not discovered everything about myself and the interest that I have. So, every time I make time for myself to listen to myself, I have the potential to learn something that I never knew about myself. We all are evolving people, so who is to say that by trying something new that you will be able to learn a new interest you never knew you had. For me, mine is spoken word poetry. No matter how it sounds to other people. I love it because it expresses my interest. It is up to you as a person to decide if you are going to live the life you were designed to live or the life that other people have illustrated for you to live without any concern of who you are as a person. I know for me, I have spent the majority of my life under a lot of people who have decided who I am. Now that I take time to discover who I am, I have been able to try and do things that I wouldn’t ever have tried because of other’s expectations of me. The one thing I have learned is an internal battle can occur with who I think I am and who other people say I am, but self-discovery helps to give you a voice. I have people in my life that remind me to keep fighting for me because what I have to offer with my life is worth it, and so is yours.

Challenge yourself to take some time and unplug from other people and listen to yourself, and what you want in your life, you would be surprised what you will learn about yourself.

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