Growing Me

Scars to Beauty Marks Part 2

Often times, when we go through challenging situations in life, they can make us feel like a fraction of a person. It can sometimes lead to making decisions for yourself that doesn’t reflect what you deserve in life.

I started thinking about my own story when I wrote these thoughts.

You Deserve

You deserve peace.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve freedom.

You deserve love.

You deserve moving into a healthy life and outlook.

You deserve to pursue the things in your heart.

You deserve to be heard.

You deserve to have a prosperous life where you chase after your hopes and dreams without limits.

I have lately in my life having to remind myself what I deserve in life. What I have learned is some people will try to take your light. Potentially leaving you feeling worthless or that your life doesn’t have meaning. Which isn’t the case. I have been learning is that you have to separate yourself in two ways.

  1. From the person or people who negatively challenge your worth and value. We all have value, hopes, dreams, worth, and ideas; and should never be treated as anything less.
    • If you choose to remove yourself from this type of situation, you must begin to speak positively over yourself and have people in your life that can speak life into you.
  2. Separate the things that are true about you and what is not correct about you from the other person.
    • Some people project their thoughts and feelings onto another person to boost their self-esteem. Just check yourself and who you are and get rid of those negative thoughts from your life.

We all have scars that have a lasting impression on us, but when we can begin to identify our worth in the healing process, that can start to help us move forward in a healthy direction were changes can be made that will lead to becoming a better you.

One way you can begin building your confidence is to identify 5 things you deserve in life. Say them in the morning and at night in front of a mirror. Also, recite them every time you begin to feel low. It will start to reshape your thinking.

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