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Self-made Progression

Earl Nightingale

Admitting that we are in control of our actions can be difficult if you have made decisions that do not precisely reflect the person that you are or trying to become. The best part about recognizing the disconnect is that you have the ability to change the direction you are going in to reflect the person that you are or trying to become. It is all about progress. It doesn’t matter so much that you have backslid. What matters is your willingness to get up and keep going in the right direction for your life. The fact that you are trying to move forward during the difficulties of just living is a success. Earl Nightingale said, “We all are self-made, but only the successful will admit to it.” Which this quote is definitely correct, but success can also be measured in more than oneway. It can depend on the person and the circumstance that they have or are going through. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but even the smallest steps in the right direction can lead to giant strides in the direction of growth and healing. It is the progression that makes you successful.

A question that always puts things into perspective for me about growth is this, there are three kinds of people in life:

  • People that make things happen.
  • People that watch things happen.
  • People that wonder what happened.

Which of these types of people are successful.

When I was a child, I was asked this question several times.  I will admit, then I would have agreed that the person that makes things happen is the most successful.  I always gave the answer to the person who asked me the question they wanted to hear without genuinely thinking about the question and what it really means. As an adult and have gone through a small amount of living (I still have a lot more living to do), I have always questioned the question because I often try to look at things from different people’s points of view.

There is no doubt some people will believe the answer is it is the people that make things happen that are successful. A person might look at the person that watch things happen and the person that wonder what happened,  to have a negative view about life and growing as a person, and maybe you think these are the type of people you should stray away from. It can be seen that the people that watch what happened are not moving, and the people that wonder what happened are stuck.

I am okay if that is the way that you want to see it or any other way that you choose to see it.

A different way to look at it is as a cycle of progression. When you want to make something happen in your life, there has to be motivation. There have to be people who wonder what happened to begin to see the possibility of things they were told or previously thought were impossible.  It gives someone hope that their circumstances can change. By wondering it causes a person to begin to ground themselves. They begin to see their dreams are obtainable and make some steps toward those goals. This allows the person to become focused and have some drive.

Then you have people who have to watch things happen to see how to get started. Usually, when a person is watching something happen, they are more inclined to ask questions. Think about it like this, kids watch and see someone do something, then they may act on the behavior and do the same thing or ask a question about what they have observed. There is nothing wrong with an individual doing the same thing when all those observations are made, then you can begin to make something happen.

The point that I am trying to make is, it doesn’t exactly matter what level you are on. What matters is your willingness to move up when the cards seem to be stacked up against you. You have the ability to progress in a healthy way allowing you to be self-made in a way that grows you as a better version of yourself.

Remember: You can make changes at any step on your journey. The most considerable backing you need is from you and God.

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