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Next Exit

There are many references to life being a journey/highway. When you go through any adverse situation, you get off at an exit that can be a rough road. It can cause different sources of trauma, leading to pain, anxiety, depression, etc. But when you finally make it back to the main road, what exit are you going to take next?

To heal from trauma, it takes the willingness and mindset that you want to make a change to have a different experience that will lead to personal growth.

When you finally take a different exit or turn down a different path, then the question becomes, what do you do now? You are no longer in a situation that was detrimental to your health, but by being out of the situation, you can begin to feel lost. It can make it hard to know or figure out what it takes to stay on a path of hope and growth. It is challenging, and some days you might want to turn back to your old life, but if you can keep going forward, it will give you the healing that you need.

I am personally on a journey to find healing in the next exit of my life. I will admit I often find myself more afraid of being better than being hurt again. I have realized the exit I have been on for several years now has been me being consumed by depression. I have been more afraid to take the next steps out of my comfort zone, so I remain in a place where I stay content in a place in my life that no longer serves me. It has been easy to stay there than to do something different.

If you are like me and afraid to move forward, then I will tell you what I am telling myself right now. Change is never going to be easy. There is never going to be a day that you are going to want to change something about yourself. You have to decide what is more important to you being in the pain that you have been in up until now, or walking out a better version of yourself. The majority of the posts this month are going to be about moving forward.

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