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A Conscience Decision to Allow Complacency to be Nurture by Comfortability

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Have you ever said to yourself…? I tried before, and it didn’t work out then, so why would I attempt to do it again? Or have a stream of negative thoughts that you talk yourself out of any possibilities of something changing or working out. An example of the things I say to myself is you’re a failure, stupid, and lack the skills to be successful. No one wants to hear what you have to say, to name a few.

Often our mind plays these sick tricks with us with statements that are not true. The problem with these negative thoughts about ourselves is when we make them real. We say it over and over again until it becomes the norm, and we began to think nothing is going to change, or nothing good is going to happen in my life. This type of thinking will start to put you in the frame of mind that you will become accustomed to, making it difficult to see a better life for yourself. By living in this comfortable mindset, you forfeit any new opportunities for yourself.

Reasons people are afraid to go against this “normal” thoughts of their life:

  1. You think you already know what to expect.
    • It happened this way last time, so I know it’s going to repeat the same way. (P.S. It’s not true. If you’re willing to put in the work to develop yourself and skills, anything is possible.)
  1. The fear that all the efforts you put in will not yield success.
    • The future is unpredictable, but what is true from trying is you will gain something from experience. Either you will develop a new-found respect for yourself or will help you in the future.
  1. Lack of self-confidence that you can make it.
    • This is me all the way, but I believe the more you develop your identity for yourself, the more likely you are to have respect for yourself. Take the time to gain an understanding of who you are.

Through all of this negative outlook, there are reasons why you should consider moving out of your comfort zone, such as

  • It allows you to grow and develop as a person.
  • You challenge the theory of what you can do.
  • You stay true to yourself, too your dreams, and the purpose of your life.

Honestly, I struggle with this every day of my life. Somedays, I am better at it than others, but I have in no way mastered this skill in my life. Most of the positive outcomes I have seen have happened in my past and what I have seen in other people’s life. I do know it’s possible. I am naturally a quiet person that has ambitions to do multiple things in my life, mostly to encourage, what makes that outcome seem impossible is my negative thoughts, obstacles with my voice, and predicting the future based on something that happened in the past. Daily I know I have to challenge my negative thoughts, and some days they win, but all that means is I have to keep trying and pushing against the comfort of where my mind tends to go. Setbacks are a part of growth, but only when you refuse not to stop working and continue to push yourself.

Overall, challenge yourself through your mind and what you are allowing yourself to think. The things and people you surround yourself with are also crucial to staying encouraged to keep going after the positive goals you have set in your life.


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