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Growing in Unlikely Places

Untitled Design.PNGHave you ever thought to yourself that the things in your life are so difficult that nothing is going to change? Or that being stuck in a situation is the only option that you have, so why bother to change anything? If so, I want you to think about a flower growing through asphalt. It is something that is not common but does happen. You might think about how it is even possible. What gave the flower the ability to grow with no soil and no water. Would you believe me if I said that most people go through a similar situation? I think that we do.

I am not an expert in the way that asphalt is poured, but from my understanding, there is the ground, gravel level, base level, and surface level. All the levels are making sure the asphalt is able to adhere and harden. Some times our situations in life can seem like they have as many layers as it takes to pave a road. It can seem like there is nothing that can break through it. Roads break down over time, leaving cracks that allow just enough space for something like a flower to come through. The cracks in the asphalt begin to appear because of cars driving on the road and different storms and the cleanup processes. It is a reflection that the situations we believe has a hold over us, has the potential to break too. The weathering of the concrete in our lives can be knowledge, love of others, encouragement, reading positive books, talking to other people, seeking professional help, or prayer. Now, if a seed were to fall into the crack, there is a ground where budding can take place.  Since the ground level is exposed. Making the impossible possible. By allowing growth in what seems like the wrong fertilizing conditions. The weathering of the asphalt gave the right conditions for a flower to blossom and bloom. Just like finding ways to encourage yourself begins to break down the concrete situation in your life. A situation that you thought you would never get out of. Once the weathering has done its job, then it is able to allow the seed the water that it needs to begin to change the situation. Then the seed begins to bud and grows through the crack. Then one day, a bloom will stand tall in triumphant above something it thought it couldn’t overcome. Just like us.

In my life, I am around all kinds of people going through different situations. Some people are working through anxiety, depression, abuse, employment, fear of failure, fear of success, their past, people-pleasing, loss, etc. I know these are not the only situations that a person can go through, but I am just naming a few. No matter what you are going through, you’re not alone, and I know the obstacles can feel like the weight of concrete on you. That there is no way out, but as we see with the flower growing through the concrete, things can change.

This whole realization came about during my prayer time, and it showed me that dark times do come, but it is what you do in that time that makes a difference.

  • If you are being abused, you can make the decision to open up to someone that you trust about it. They can probably help you figure out an exit strategy. An old saying that my mom always said growing up to me is “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” If people do not know what is going on, then they do not know that you need help. Something that I wished I realized sooner was to open up and talk about it. I believed it would have helped me heal a lot sooner instead of holding in hatred towards myself. We all have a reason and a purpose in life, and no person has the right to hurt or manipulate a person to take away that person’s identity.
  • Maybe your biggest obstacle is the effects of having symptoms of depression and/or anxiety; the one thing that I keep learning about is different coping strategies to help not be consumed by these feelings. What I have learned, at least for me, is different strategies that work better for different situations. It is important to try out some different strategies to help relieve those feelings. If you do not have any or only one, then I would recommend looking up some other strategies to try.
  • Life situations are always going to come up, no matter where you are in life. The one thing that you can do is keep on living and pushing through even when things get difficult. I know this is easier said than done. Educating yourself, depending on the situation, is a powerful tool to help you know what to do next. There are people at different stages of life, and we can learn from each other and get through the situation that is trying to defeat us.

We all have the potential to grow out of negative situations and come into our full bloom. You have made it this far. Don’t stop; you are all most there.



4 thoughts on “Growing in Unlikely Places”

  1. Unlike a seed, humans can have the mental block that prevents themselves from budding even with the things they need to grow. Ask yourself “Am I letting myself bloom?”.


    1. That’s a great question. I think I’m starting to appreciate myself more for who I am. I haven’t fully gotten to the blooming process yet, but I see the areas in my life that I need to improve to get there.


  2. In some cases and to some extent its not so much about the availability of resources to help you bloom, or people to help you find a way out, its also about self awareness, its partly in line with your mother’s saying about a closed mouth not being fed, if you loose the ability of self assessment, to see if you are still on the right path or to acknowledge that something is wrong ,then then you wouldn’t know what to do with all the right resources even if they knocked you on the head……Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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