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Don’t Give Up on You!!!! There is Still Time to Make Improvements.

It has been about a month, and I have had two issues with my car. I was involved in a hit and run accident. Then a few weeks later, I hit a patched pothole that happened to fail because of the rain causing me to have to buy a wheel and a tire. They both pained me because I did not do anything wrong, but I was left with fixing the problems.

I started reflecting on how all the things that happened to my car relates to life. We all go through different things in life that can change our lives for the better or worst. It depends on what you do after the situation. For the post, I am reflecting on the bad things that happened in life that alter our perspective.

Just like my car, maybe you have had something done to you that left you feeling less than a person or not worth anything because someone else felt less about themselves, so they hurt you. Whatever happened to you, you don’t have to let that situation shape you into the view that person or persons had for you to be. Trust me; their brokenness is not a reflection of you. I have lived in that mindset for most of my life, and I can tell you that you are worth repairing the damage and living your best life no matter how that looks like for you.

My car analogy may not be as helpful as I intend it to be, so I will give you a real-life example. I believed that I was friends with a girl for years in high school. I would do anything I could do for her, but she didn’t see my worth or value; she thought it was okay to abuse me. Even though I did not do anything to her but try to be a good friend, she left me with self-hatred, low self-esteem, bitterness, and feeling worthless. I was hurt because it was someone that I truly cared about and wanted nothing more but to see her be happy. Her actions made me question my value, so I let my health fail. I started living out my life broken because that’s how a person I cared about treated me.

The truth is, just like my car, I deserve to be repaired. I deserve to be healed. I didn’t do anything to her, but I was living in a way that was in the same mindset that the person had about me. That I was not anything and that my life did not matter. When my life did natter back then and does still today. I lived with a victim mindset, and that gave her the power to make me feel inferior and have control over me even after the “friendship” had been dissolved. I thought it was my fault, but it wasn’t. What was my mistake was not taking the steps that I needed to take to get past what was done to me. When it was my car, I bought a new bumper, a wheel (rim), and a tire. For my life, that was:

  • seeing a therapist
  • seeking help
  • learning coping strategies
  • talking to other people
  • trying some new things that I always wanted to try
  • to go back to school
  • and so many other things.

I do not have to live with the pain, the bruises, or scares. I can learn to live life with new strategies to live out my life fully.

We all deserve to live life, and all the positive things put in us to do!

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