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Coping Skills…Helping to Manage Life!!!

We all go through different things in life that have the potential to affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Coping skills are a way to deal with the things that we experience from just living. There are two types of coping skills, positive and negative. Both can be used to deal with life, but do not have the same effect on life. It is better to use healthy coping skills to manage life because it will allow you to be positivity impacted and helps you feel better physically and psychologically. It leads to the reduction of stressful situations and helps keep you in the right frame of mind. Negative coping skills offer a short term relief but will cause long term problems for an individual. When you are trying to live your life differently in a healthy way, it is important to figure out coping skills to help you manage different areas in your life. You might not always get it right, but actively trying to making a change will help you be able to choose healthier coping skills during difficult situations.

This month, I will be sharing different healthy coping skills to help manage life. These are just a few and many of them I have tried. If some of them interest you, I encourage you to try them. If none of the ones showcase this month interest you, there are a lot more healthy coping skills out there that you can try. Don’t limit yourself! If you have healthy coping skills that you have tried and want to share, please feel free.

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