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Don’t Wave Your White Flag Yet

White Flag

Making positive changes in your life is known to be a good thing, but often time the difficulty of the process of change is not always talked about with others. Most of the times people see the successes of the person and not always the hard work to get where they are in life. I believe that people need to hear both sides of the journey to change positively. I think it would give people hope that they can make it through their life’s challenges as they navigate down that path. Also, it allows people to feel like they are not alone in their journey. Many times it is easy to feel like your the only one that goes through difficulties when attempting to change your life. I know for me the biggest thing that I am trying to change is letting people in who I know love and support me instead of pushing them away.

I have been having a rough few days with the way that I feel about myself. It is easy for me to go into a depression when I feel like this or to want to wave a white flag on all the things that I have been working on. Listening to music is one of my coping skills when I feel this way to try and keep myself from feeling numb. I heard the song “Can’t Give Up Now” by Mary Mary, and it took me back to 2012 when I had made my mind up back then to not go back into the situations that had lead me to where I was then. I will admit I kept and keep falling short of that promise that I made to myself. One thing that keeps me going when I want to quit is my support system (my mom, my best friend, and my therapist). I know that I can count on them to remind me that I am worth it even when I can’t see it for myself. I am grateful for them for not giving up on me even when I am hard to be around.

I share all of this because if you are trying to make changes in your life and you do fall  I want to remind you that it doesn’t mean that you have to wave your white flag and quit. It means that you have to keep working on it. I was watching the movie Instant Family yesterday and one of the memorable lines I heard was “things that matter are hard, but you have to put in the work”. If living a healthy is the end goal then keep working on it. If the end goal is to recover then make the necessary steps that you need to make. The point is whatever your goal is, fight for it, even when things get difficult it just means you need a new approach to keep up the fight. The unknowns of healing is a mystery but will be worth all the hard work. That is at least what I am hoping.

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