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Decorate a Journal

In the previous post, I talked about the benefits of a gratitude journal and the two types of journals. I have not done a guided gratitude journal, but I do keep a notebook to write down my gratitude. I decided that I wanted to share a way to decorate a journal.


  • Composition Notebook
  • Paper
  • Stickers
  • Duck Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sharpies

Step 1

First, you will take the composition notebook, paper, and pencil; and draw an outline of the composition notebook on the paper.

Step 2

If it helps, I found that taping the paper on to composition notebook helps keep the paper in place.

Step 3

The outline should look similar to this.

Step 4

Then take the scissor and cut out the outline.

Step 5

Now glue the paper onto the composition notebook.

Step 6

Then put the glue on the composition notebook and smooth out the glue evenly. You will repeat steps 1-6 for the other side.

Side note: I messed up the first time on this, so I want to give a suggestion that I learned. Do not put the glue on the paper and then try and paste it to the composition notebook. It leaves bubbles in the paper. The above method helps the paper to lay flat and smooth.

Step 7

After the glue dries, then its time to add the duck tape.

Step 8

Place the tape around the bind so that it is even on both sides.

Step 9

Once all that is done, its time to decorate.

Step 10

These are the supplies that I choose to use to decorate my notebook. You should use and decorate your notebook any way that you please.

Step 11

Here is the finish composition notebook redesign.

Hopefully, by adding your personal touches to the notebook, you will stay motivated to write on it.

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