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Do something that you enjoy EVERYDAY!!!!!

3 Benefits of Doing Something that You Enjoy Everyday

  1. Confidences Improves

When you do the things that you enjoy, it allows you to feel good about yourself. You’re taking the time to do something that you love and giving yourself the space to be yourself. Your confidence will improve because you appreciate the abilities that make you the unique person that you are.

2. Enjoy Life More

You will enjoy life more by doing the things that you enjoy. You will feel like you apart of life instead of merely existing. Possibly you will want to do more things.

3. Increase Motivation

It gives you something to look forward to doing. When you do something that you enjoy, it can lead to wanting to do more tasks, even those that are not enjoyable.

My Experience

I try every day to do something that I enjoy—someday, its more challenging than others based on what I have going on in my life. On a busy day, it might be I wear my favorite clothes, I eat my favorite food or listen to my favorite songs. This may not sound exciting, but its what I like to do without overly stressing myself out by adding things in my day that I do not have time for even though I love them. On less busy days, I like to do arts and crafts projects, photography, write poetry, go for long walks, or plan and write a post. By just adding one thing a day that I enjoy has changed the way I feel about myself. Some new-found confidence has come from giving myself space to be me and doing something I enjoy. To offend in my life, I have tried to please people by doing the things they enjoy instead of what I like to do. As a result, I developed self-hatred. This small step changed my attitude from self-hatred to appreciating different parts of who I am. As a result of that, I feel like I am apart of life. It has helped me discover other things I want to do. Finally, from doing something that I enjoy everyday, I am motivated to do things that I usually do not like because I feel like I’m apart of life and not just a watcher of life.

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