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Affirming Yourself!

If you could overcome your negative thoughts, would you?

Affirmations is a coping skill that is used to challenge negative thoughts. The more you say them to yourself. You will begin to believe them hopefully, and the outcome will be positive thoughts and change for your life.

Benefits of Affirmation

  • There is no one size fit all affirmation. Creating your own affirmation allows you to choose what you need in this moment and time in your life to help you get through negative thoughts. 
  • When you continuously repeat affirmations, it changes your attitude to what is possible for your life. You begin to see yourself in a positive way and help increase your self-esteem.

How to Write Affirmations????

I am statements are the most common way to write affirmations. 

  • I am good enough.
  • I am loved.
  • I am worth the time. 

These are just a few affirmations that I use regularly. I am statements are not the only way to write affirmations. They can also be written as statements as long as it is positive without adding a negative statement to the affirmation. I struggled with these kinds of statements. Most of my statements when I first started writing them was:

  • My voice matters, but is too quiet to be heard.
  • I am good enough only when I do…..

These are not affirming statements that boost a positive mindset; instead, they lower my self-worth. Affirmations can sometimes be hard to write when you are first starting, but just remember the statement is about you. To improve the way that you feel about yourself. All you gotta do is keep it positive and repeat it as often as possible.

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