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Believing in Yourself

Your ability to believe in yourself affects multiple areas of your life. It affects your motivation, confidence, self-esteem, and self-perception. Sometimes we let certain things limit ourselves from doing the things that we are meant to do in life. Many people say that they do not do things in their life out of fear, but I think fear is just the surface level to why we limit ourselves. It can be because of tradition, the past, diagnoses/illness, and negative self-perception. Those things have the ability to limit you, if you choose to allow it or you can push yourself to do the the things you fear.

Limiting Yourself


We all have something or done something in life that is done with no rhyme or reason, but we do them because it’s tradition without understanding the reasoning to why something was done. What was right for them at the time might not be what’s right for you. It doesn’t mean in your life you have to do everything the exact same way. Just because someone else did it a different way then you were thinking doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Your allowed to have a different opinion. Even though you may love your family and friends you don’t have to follow their way. Instead lead by doing the things you were meant to do in YOUR life.

The Past

This is something that we all know, but I am going to say it anyway, okay. We all have a past. No matter how good or bad, supportive or unsupportive, loving or unloving, etc. We all have one! No matter if it’s positive or negative don’t let it limit you. Don’t let it stop you from growing to the next level. Whether it’s personal growth, dreams, ideas, future possibilities, etc. If your past was good let the positive experiences and feelings fuel you to what’s next for you to do. If it wasn’t all that great, fuel yourself now with self-love, boosting yourself esteem, and confidence and proceed with your life to the endless possibilities waiting for you.

I can admit, I am guilty of this one far too often. There are times when I feel like I am too damaged from my past to do anything else with my life. Other times I am afraid to be successful because of the way so many people have treated me. Also, it’s because I don’t want fair weather friends and family.


Sometimes people can feel limited by a diagnosis or illness that has changed the way their life runs. I am learning in my life that the diagnosises I have about my health are not the end all be all of my life. They are to me stop signs that mean I need to take care of myself in that specific area more. That it limits me only if I allow to.


How you see yourself is important. It effects what you say to yourself. How you allow others to treat you. It effects your self esteem, confidence, and motivation. Negative self perception can limit you if you allow it. There are times in your life we’re no one might be on the same page as you, but that doesn’t mean you stop living out the things you are supposed to do. I feel like if you hold yourself back out of fear you’re mostly like going to miss out on the essence of who you are.

Push Yourself

I have been questioning myself from the last challenge about who I am and pushing myself to be more of the real me even if it doesn’t look right to other people because it is me. One thing that I learned about myself from the last cahllenge is what’s holding me back and why am I holding myself back. It’s kind of where this weeks challenge comes from. If you didn’t see it on the social media pages then I will put it at the bottom of this post. Try the challenge for a week and see how you feel afterwards.

This week try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you are limiting the possibilities of what you can do, then start working on that goal that you have for yourself. Maybe you have a negative self-perception, consider challenging that mindset, and try to see yourself differently. Whatever you need to work on that you have been afraid to do or been putting off, challenge yourself by trusting yourself and your decisions this week.

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