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Year of Completion

At the end of last year, my life started to shift. I had a desire to be apart of life instead of just watching it. What I mean is I wanted to put away my past and everything that has defined me up until now! The biggest thing that I learned is I don’t need other people’s permission to be myself, to exist, or to live. I have been waiting for so long to be accepted by others that I elected to neglect myself for people to like me. What I learned was they still didn’t like me, and I hated myself. I continued to put my life on hold to support the people I cared about because I was trying to fulfill a reputation that I created for myself. The way that I care about people was developed because I know what it is like to not be seen or heard. I try to keep my promise I made to myself to show people that they are heard and seen. The problem is I don’t offer myself that same courtesy. I treat myself the same way people treated me growing up. I didn’t see myself or hear myself. Take it from me; it is a bad feeling to feel isolated from others, but even worst, to feel isolated from yourself.

I decided to mark this year as the year of completion. There are many things that I have put on hold because I was too afraid that I would not be accepted. The truth is my identity is not based on likes or dislikes. No one’s identity is defined that way. My identity is based on me fulfilling my purpose as myself, and not the bits and pieces of who people have told me who I am and should be or need to do. My overall goal is to complete the things I have started, and it is a lot. It is all about the beliefs of what you think that you can accomplish and the action place behind it. I know if I don’t try, I won’t fulfill my purpose and keep wondering what if…

My mom was telling me all throughout last year; life is all about what you make it. The perspective that you choose to have for the new year is up to you. I shared with you the hopeful mindset I plan on having for this year. I encourage you to take some time and write down what you want to do with your life. To be an active participant and not get swayed by other people’s beliefs. Reflect on it when you are ready. I don’t believe in new years resolutions. I believe people can make changes at any time of the year to improve their life. People should make changes and decisions when they’re ready. Then there is a higher chance to follow through. Regardless, my hope is we all stay grateful and pushing through the difficult aspects of life that we all experience individually.

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