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Self-love Discovery

Recently, I have realized that I struggle with what it means to love myself. I know it is important to love yourself, but it is still something I need and want to work on in my life. I believe that it is essential to my recovery and managing of my depression symptoms I have experienced. I have always heard you have to love yourself before you can love other people, but there isn’t a road map on how to work towards loving yourself. The conclusion I have come up with is it must be based on the individual in the areas they want and need to improve on in their life. I am the type of person who wants to see the start point and the endpoint and then make a decision from there, but the reality is were different. We can take all of the advice from everyone around us, but you have to put your twist or individual flare on it based on what works for you.

I have decided that I want to look into some ways to actual know how to love myself through different practices I have either been told about or research or a combination of both. Then put my Maggie’s way or Maggie’s flare to it because I know that is the only way it will work for me on my journey and my ability to get to the point of loving myself. Some of the practices may work well for me and not have the same impact on another person, and that’s okay. The goal is growth as a person and finding what works best for you. I am sharing my experience so myself and others grow in this area of our lives.

Check back and I hope something on my journey helps you with something on your journey!.

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