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So You Fell Off Track, Now What???

I decided to switch it up and talk about my journey of getting back up after falling. I feel like there are other people out there that are like me that have fallen from the progress that they were making on their journey. I rather write about it as I am trying to get back on the right path instead of pretending it never happened or waiting until I made it through it.

Some Things That I Have Been Considering Doing To Get Back On Track Are These 5 Things

Start Back With Reestablishing Your Routine or Start A New One All Together

I do not know if you are anything like me but sticking to a routine is hard. For me it takes more deliberate effort to stick with a positive change and motive myself to do the task consistently. The lack of a routine causes stress, poor sleeping, unhealthy food choice, and to lack effective use of time. There are benefits that routines can provide. They help you have better health, sleep, and more consistency in your life. I am not saying schedule out your whole life. I think that cause more stress. I personally hate scheduling my life day to the minute because it feel like it takes away my freedom. It is about finding what works best for the person.

Start Examining Where You Fell And What Is Needed By You To Start Restrengthening Yourself.

This point and the point below are related. By starting to look at where you fell allows you to see how you were effected by a situation. It is easy to go through something in life and brush it off as it was nothing but it could have some type of hold on you. It is not until you stop and look at the event you can start to see things more clearly. Then if necessary make the needed changes.

An example from my life that has empowered me to write about this part of my life is the relationship I have with my mom. I started talking to my mom again for a few months and was later rejected by her again. A little bit of background is I was not raised by my mother instead by my aunt, but I have always wanted a relationship with her. Back to the example. I can see now that it has an effect on me being rejected by her. I started feeling like something is wrong with me and I am not good enough, so I stop making progress because I did not feel worth it. There is something in me that I have to change. What I need from myself to regain strength is my journal. Journaling helps me get out what is in my head when speaking to someone is not easy for me. Writing about my feelings of being rejected helps me move forward to not get caught up so bad the next time it happens or I feel this way again. To start restrengthening my feelings about myself, I needed to go back to practicing affirmations to remind myself I still matter.

Determine If There Is A Lesson You Learned

There is a lesson or a purpose for everything that happens in life. It upto us to decicide if we want to see the lesson or not. Once you can identify the lesson(s), you can start moving forward again. I feel like it helps with going back and forward in your head about situations because you took the time to see it for what it was.

A continuation of my previous example. The lesson that I am learning and learned is it is always going to cost me my progress if I allow it. I can not fit in someones view of who I should be then I will lose who I am meant to be. The lesson learned is I cannot shrink or be something for someone to make the person or people happy. I also can not go along with things that go against what I believe in or want to do.


Gratitudes maybe you read my post from awhile ago about it. Gratitudes is a good positive change to have in your life. They can change the way that you see yourself, your situation and, the world. I have practice gratitudes before and they help me to see life in a better view. It doesn’t take very long. It is just a reminder of things in your life. I connect with the gratitudes more when I start the statement off with saying I am grateful for… verse listing them out. Try them out and see if helps you with getting back on track with your progress.

Mind, Body, and Soul

There are so many things that you can do to reconnect with yourself again. When it comes to the mind. Mediation, yoga, and breathing exercises can help to reconnect the mind with the body. Exercising has it benefits to with how you feel about yourself. Prayer, listening to music, and watching motivational videos can help to rejuvenate your soul. The interesting thing is you can pick one and possible help in another area. The mind, body, and spirit are hard to balance even if you have not fallen out of practice with your progression. It is important to keep all three in mind because they are a big part of who you are.

We all fall in life. It is just what we do afterward that we have to stay mindful of and our next action. If we go down the wrong path, make an effort to try and turn the situation around.

Read more about the benefits of routines if you would like.

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