I am Maggie, and I have been in recovery for about a year and a half. When I started recovery, I just started to keep myself out of trouble. Over time, I have become more committed to making changes in my life and the way I see myself. Now I have great friends and a therapist that helps me to see myself in a better light. Each day still brings challenges, but my decision has helped me understand different things about my life that matters. Overall, I want to enjoy life and not be afraid of the past. The work I put in has allowed me to see myself differently and will enable me to give myself the grace to feel again after many years with depression symptoms. Reviving Life’s Journey is a result of a couple of things that have been going on in my life for years. There was a time where I lost my voice in relationships that I had with people that I loved and cared about, but the feelings were not mutual. I also lost my dreams because of what other people have said and the fear of being successful because of my shortcomings with writing and speaking. So, I wanted to allow myself the space to start this new journey in my life where I can be encouraging through the things that I enjoy, the journey I am on, and the different things that I relative to by watching the world around me. That is where the name Reviving Life’s Journey comes from as a second chance at life after being broken by life. I am a woman who is just trying to see life in a different light after many struggles, and even though I may never get it entirely right, I am trying to give myself the grace to be me. I hope this website is encouraging to you, and that you can also push through any issues that challenge you.