Growing Me

You have the right to choose you.

Some people are after your time, some after your money, some after dominance over you, and others after their alternative motives. From my experience, these types of people tend to show up as abusers and manipulators. The abuser is always ready to demean and belittle you. To fill a void, they have. While a manipulator has a cunning way to have you meet their needs even though it is not something you want to do. No matter what kind of situation you are in, you have the right to choose you. If we all have a purpose, talents, and gifts; and other people are diminishing those gifts or our worth. Then they no longer have to be in your life. To have a dream with no hope because someone is constantly hurting you is like a star with no glimmer, a basketball player with no hops. A magnificent waterfall with no water. A singer with no vocals. The other person is just taking away the essence of your identity. You get to choose. Either, the version of you with the pain and hurt, or the version of you with all your gifts working together to fulfill your purpose.

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